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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Mattresses Online

by Infinite Kart 01 Apr 2022

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Mattresses Online

Nowadays most mattress brands are offering their products in the online marketplace and some of them will also give you the freedom to test their mattress before purchasing them.

You must be wondering about the brand that offers perfect mattresses online. Well, you will have a lot of options, but sometimes, the ordering process can be daunting and risky. Therefore, you must keep these things in your mind before buying mattresses online:

Sleep Company

 Know your budget

Investing in a good mattress is like a treasure. But, you should set an affordable budget plan that meets your requirement as the price may vary.

There are many good reasons to set your budget. Firstly, it will not overextend your pocket for a product that is out of your range. It’s not true that a high-priced mattress is always good. So, set a price range that meets your finances.

Secondly, you can get confused over the brands that are available online. However, you can escape the confusion through a stringent budget and buy the variant that doesn’t affect your finances. It is also important to note that prices may vary with respect to the model among different brands.

The price of a mattress is always determined by its material, body type, and origin country.


Always buy mattresses according to your body type and sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, then The Sleep Company’s Smart Luxe mattress is made for you! Furthermore, Smart ortho mattress and Smart Ortho Hybrid mattresses are best for your back.

Stomach sleepers will always prefer an ultra-firm mattress, while combo sleepers should aim for medium-firm mattresses. If you sweat when you sleep, then a latex mattress will be the best option. You should always read the descriptions carefully before buying mattresses online.

 Reviews are lifesavers

Reviews are one of the best ways to choose mattresses online. You should always seek genuine sources where they provide the actual facts without endorsing the brands. The websites should provide information only on mattress reviews.

You should refer to multiple sites for reviewing and focus more on the price, delivery, and quality section. Always focus on the trends. For example, check whether the reviews are mostly positive or negative or the reviews tell about a defect or a bad product.

 Choose a reputable brand

Now that you’ve decided what mattress type you want, you can start shortlisting a few brands. A reputable brand has,

  • A good track record of product quality
  • Responsive customer service

A good brand always boosts your odds of having a great experience. Furthermore, it will always provide you with the best offers and prices. The majority of online brands offer free shipping. In addition, when you purchase from the brand directly, then these things become easier to navigate:

  • Returns
  • Exchanges
  • Warranty claims

Every mattress brand online may not be good. You should always conduct some effective research about the brand which you are planning to purchase.

 What’s your Mattress age?

This question should be the top priority while buying a new mattress. The age of your mattress will determine whether you should change it or not? Generally, you can think about a new mattress if the old one has been used for at least seven years.

Here is the average lifespan of some of the mattresses:

  1. Latex- 12 years.
  2. Memory foam- 10 years.
  3. Hybrid- 10 years
  4. Innerspring- 8 years.
  5. Pillowtop- 7.5 years.

 Warranty period

Different brands have their warranty period. You should always check the warranty period of the mattress before purchasing. In the case of a defect, a replacement can be claimed through the warranty.

Generally, a warranty covers cover manufacturing and material defects. A brand should highlight the policy length, covered issues, and others. Most policies are valid for many years, while some are shorter. Everything depends on the brand and factors such as the age of the mattress.

The bottom-line

Most of the brands offer coupons for new buyers or during some seasons. These coupons will provide you with great discounts.  In the end, quality and price matter.  There are many mattress brands, so choose wisely!

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